Mattresses on sale – Tips and Precautions

Mattresses on sale - Tips and Precautions

Mattresses on sale – Tips and Precautions

Despite the average spending 25 years over their lifetime in bed, mattresses are one of the things we replace very rarely, often a decade or so apart. It’s true, mattresses aren’t replaced very often and that’s understandable. Have you see the prices on those things? Luckily though, many retailers advisable to always buy mattresses on sale. But with all the intricacies of mattresses and their use, how are you supposed to choose?

Mattresses on sale – Tips and Precautions

Mattress sale misconceptions

It’s commonly believed that pricier mattresses are naturally better. This is totally false. The necessity of mattresses allow seller to markup the prices to an extreme, some are marked up by 200%. That’s not always the case. But most are marked up by a healthy amount. Since sales are common, though, you will never pay full price for one. You shouldn’t pay more than about $500 to $800 on a mattress. Anything more won’t guarantee that you are getting better quality. On the flip side, be cautious of cheaper, couple hundred dollar mattresses. You get what you pay for, after all.

Just because those mattresses on sale, doesn’t mean the price can’t go any lower. It’s possible to negotiate prices down, or get free delivery. The salesperson can be very open to a compromise. Haggling may not be your forte, but you are at least going to be able to nab a discount, no matter how small that may be.

Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 Memory Foam Mattress, Made in California

Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 Memory Foam Mattress, Made in California

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Mattress shopping tips

So you are ready to buy that mattresses for sale, only it’s been so long since you bought your last one that you don’t know what you want. Mattresses on sale are incredibly nuanced, with so many sizes, materials and types. Still, the task is not impossible.

The best advice you can put in action is to simply lie on a mattress you’re interested in. free trials are the best way to see if anything is right for you. Spending a few minutes in every position is a good idea, but you are allowed to take your time. Some stores let you try it out at home, but that’s not a usual option. It’s best to get as much of a first impression as you can.

There are many newfangled gimmicks with mattresses. When you are hunting, many mattresses on sale will be promoted as having cooling gels, orthopedic mattress and all that kind of staff. There is no reason to pay extra for meaningless features like these.

Although innerspring mattresses are the most popular and traditional type, they are by no means your only choice. Memory foam, for example, comforts to your body shape and doesn’t creak. But can be smelly. Air mattresses are adjustable in terms of support and long lived, but can get pricey, which is why you should always look carefully for an air mattress sale.

You could even try a waterbed, though this kind of mattress has been out of style since the 80’s. Considering the puncturable nature and megaton weight, that’s no surprise.

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Tuft & Needle queen mattress size

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Mattress shopping precautions

When your mattress is delivered, check if for any damage or imperfections. You don’t want to accept a less-than-perfect mattress. Do you? You paid $1,000 for it! This is more common than it looks, and you should always keep your eye open for carelessness.

It’s imperative to keep return policy in mind. Even if you find a mattress you know will suit you, it’s impossible to know if you will ever have return it or not. In the event a full refund isn’t offered, credit toward another mattress would be an acceptable alternative. You should also know how long the warranty extends and what it covers. Many mattress warranties coverage decreases with time.

Finally, be aware that shopping at multiple stores is kind of useless when you are hunting a mattress. If you try to check a price of a mattress you found at Sears over at Macy’s, you will most likely be referred to different best rated mattress brand. See, chains like Sears and Mac’s have exclusive mattress lines and therefore a different selection of mattresses. So comparison shopping isn’t very reliable or worth it in this case.

Mattress shopping may be the hardest kind. You are supposed to choose what you will be sleeping on for years and spend a huge amount of dough on a choice you may or may not be confident in. hopefully this guide will help you be an informed shopper. Remember to keep testing till you find one you like, getting stuck with the wrong mattress either means years of discomfort or a considerably emptier wallet!

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