The best linen bed sheets in the world

The best linen bed sheets in the world are making their way into the closet of most contemporary home owners like you and in a big way. Affordable, soft and durable to the core, these sheets are best purchased after a careful and smart evaluation of your tastes, preferences and needs. From assessing their thread count to taking stock of the linen sheets measurement, weave, manufacturing technique and fabric content, there are many different factors that have to be considered when you identify your bedding needs or compare the available bed sheets for purchase. Read on for some essential and effective tips that should guide your selection of linen bed sheets.

The best linen bed sheets in the world

The best linen bed sheets in the world

Tips for choosing bed sheets

These tips go a long way in offering overall health factors and a comfortable night’s sleep (after a long day at work) for all users. As the quality of the bed sheet goes a long way in affecting the way you sleep, relax or rejuvenate yourself in bed, you should look for enhanced levels of comfort in every buy.

Thread count

Thread count refers to the number of threads present per square inch of the fabric selected by you. in most cases, the thread count figure is printed on the front of the linen bed sheet package and points toward the number of threads per square inch that make the fabric of your choice. For instance a thread count of 180 to 300 is common in most linen bed sheets and is responsible for making the product comfortable and soft to the skin.

In case you are looking for optimum comfort and smoothness, then, it is a good idea to look around for bed sheets with a thread count of 300 or more. Even though sheets with higher thread count are costlier than others, they last much longer and enhance your sleeping experience without bringing in ant negative health concerns. In other words, they serve to be the right investment for those who do not like to compromise on quality.


Weave refers to the ways in which the individual threads in a fabric are spun to create the final product. An important factor to be considered while buying the best linen bed sheets in the world, weaves are usually of two kinds: percale and sateen. Sheets with sateen weaves are not as durable as the ones with percale weaves. Sateen weave comprises of four threads woven one over the other, with one thread under. On the other hand, the percale weave is oft available in cotton sheets and is very simple in appeal.


Today, there is no dearth of fabrics on the racks of bed and bedding stores. From sheets and covers made of satin and silk to those made from blends of synthetic materials and cotton, you will certainly be spoiled for choice. If you are looking for heightened levels of comfort and luxury in your bedding, go for silken fabrics. Flannel sheets are particularly warm in feel and very good for those staying in cold climates. Satin, though soft and smooth in appeal, is quite tough to maintain and upkeep. Cotton sheets made of single long fibers are considered to be of high quality and often rate as the best linens of the racks, especially for daily use purposes.

Mezzati 1800 Thread Count Brushed Microfiber Luxury Linen Bed Sheets Set, King, White

Mezzati 1800 Thread Count Brushed Microfiber Luxury Linen Bed Sheets Set, King, White

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Proper fit

Before setting out to buy the best linen bed sheets in the world, you must take out a few minutes to measure the physical dimensions of your bed. Firstly, measure the height (including toppers or mattress pads), followed by the length and width of the mattress. This ensures that sheets purchased by you cover the mattress adequately. Compare the size of the available sheets gauge whether they will offer a perfect fir or not. It is recommended that you keep some allowance for any possible shrinkage that may take place after washing.


Bed sheets and linen are now available in many different and attractive designs, from embroidered and floral patterns to ones depicting geometric and abstract designs, there are beautiful designs in diverse colors, prints and fabrics. Most buyers look for designs that complement the overall bedding furnishings and theme of their rooms.

Evaluate linen bed sheets for better buys

While choosing bed sheets, home improvement experts suggest that you evaluate your preferences with respect to softness, crispness durability wrinkle control and allergies.

  • The best cotton sheets in the world are 100 percent cotton sheets and they are breathable and boast of a soft feel. Remember, the quality of cotton sheets is best determined by the length of its fibers, longer the fibers, higher the durability and quality of the sheets.
  • Egyptian cotton sheets are very breathable, soft, durable and they are best sheets in the world.
  • Certified organic cotton sheets use pesticide free cotton for their making.
  • Manufactured from polyester material, synthetic sheets are wrinkle resistant but less soft than the cotton ones.
  • Bamboo sheets are woven from high quality bamboo grass and serve to be soft and silky. They drape well too.
  • Hypoallergenic, silk based sheets are the best bed sheets in the world and are a good choice for those suffering from allergy. Silk helps in regulating body temperature and may need dry cleaning.
Mellanni Bed Sheet Set - HIGHEST QUALITY Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding - Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant - Hypoallergenic - 3 Piece

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set – HIGHEST QUALITY Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding – Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant – Hypoallergenic – 3 Piece

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Apart from cotton there are many other different types of bed sheets and threads available on amazon, whose fabrics are best in the world of bed linens. Bamboo is one such name, made with the pulp of bamboo grass, it is bacteria resistant and hypo allergenic, suitable for people who have allergies. The best linen bed sheets in the world are soft, supple and silky to the touch. Then we have got flannel which is also soft and fuzzy. It is made of cotton which has a fluffy squashy appearance with a cozy feeling. A great material for winter weather because of its warmth. There is sateen with more radiant look. The weave is responsible for giving its look and feel. The growing awareness to keep our environment friendly, organic cotton are very much in demand. Bed linens of organic cotton are devoid of any chemicals, fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides while growing on the field. In the market go for the certified one, available in various colors.

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